Recover Files From SanDisk After Worm: win32 Attack

Are you searching for method to repair damaged SanDisk memory card? Are you having problem while previewing photos, videos and audios on your SanDisk memory card? Has your memory card become inaccessible all of a sudden? Then this is possibly due to malware infection like Worm: win32 Just relax! Your hunt for best and effective solution ends here. All you need to do is to read the given post attentively to get easy solution for malware infected SD card.

Brief Discussion About SanDisk Memory Card

SanDisk is an American multinational corporation which designs and manufactures memory cards for various types of digital devices such as digital camera and USB flash drive or pen drive for the back up of data. With the development in technology, there has been increased usage rate of memory cards. It is the best and cheapest medium of storing large amount of data. It can be used for other devices also such as DSLR cameras, camcorders, music players, game and computing mobile devices.

Reasons Behind Data Loss From SanDisk Memory Card After Worm: win32 Attack

Loss of important multimedia files from memory card can make you completely disappointed. But the truth is that accidents can take place anytime and anywhere and so does file loss. Several reasons are behind the loss of files like photo, video and audio from the memory card.

  1. Corruption of file system/file corruption : The operating system of your camera or any mobile phone may malfunction for any reason anytime accessing the memory card results in file system corruption. This causes inaccessibility of the device.
  2. Physical damage : Though the memory cards are resilient to physical damages and waterproof, you tend to lose data when you break it into pieces. Adding to this, getting exposed to harsh physical condition can damage this miniature device.
  3. Virus infection : Malwares are most common and key factor for the corruption of memory card such as Worm: win32 This makes your memory card inaccessible and corrupt.
  4. Formatting of memory card : Users typically press Format SD card option on connecting the device to PC. Formatting memory card leads to deletion of entire data such as photos, videos and audios stored on the device.
  5. Abrupt ejection of memory card from device : On removing the memory card while accessing the files or transferring them to other device, can literally damage the files badly.
  6. Other possible reasons : Other possible reasons that can cause SD cards to get corrupted to damaged are bad locks, malfunction defects, excessive use of card and like.

So in case, if you have caught in any of the above mentioned situations then you better look out for the solution to retrieve deleted data from SanDisk memory card.

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Sandisk Data Recovery Via Third Party Tool

Apart from aforementioned factors, if your memory card has been hit by virus named Worm: win32 and have lost all the data then it is recommended to perform recovery of lost data like photo, video and audio as soon as possible before recovery becomes impossible. Worm: win32 is a harmful and notorious trojan virus. Under some unfortunate condition, SanDisk memory card gets infected with this threat then it will badly damage memory card along with the files stored on it.

With the help of Photo Recovery software, you will be able to easily retrieve all the lost data including photos, videos and audios. Follow the steps given below to get back lost data.


How To Use Sandisk Recovery Software

Step 1 :- Click on Recover Photo, Audio and Video button on the main interface.

Step 2 :- Now select the desired drive and click on Scan Now button.

Step 3 :- Here, Advance Scan window will appear and allow you to scan the files and customize process and reduce scan timing.

Step 4 :- Scan in progress will be shown in this window where all the files are in tree structure on the left side.

Step 5 :- All the files after scanning will be available for preview. Now chose files to recover from list.

Step 6 :- At this step, a progress status of files being recovered and saved is shown.